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There is no doubt in our minds that the NHS is an absolutely brilliant source of support to us all and that keeping it 100% accessible is in the best interest of the country as a whole.  Local marketing manager, Louie Rayner, who works in the city, has called for a referendum to be held in relation to the privitisation of the NHS. He needs your help!



The petition is calling for a cease on the government's NHS privatisation plans - requesting a national referendum, so the public can voice their opinion on the future of our NHS. The NHS is not a commodity to be auctioned off. The ownership lies with the taxpaying general public. Therefore, we have more right to make this decision than they do. 


Below Louie tells Balham Daily Prss why he feels strongly about the petition:


My preferred outcome is that all privatisation plans are scrapped and additional funding for the NHS is provided by recuperating the obscene levels of corporate tax avoidance finance (£5.8bn – HRMC) that is missing from the system. However, my own preferences are irrelevant. This petition is about giving people a platform to have their voice heard. Simple. It is about transparency, and having the opportunity to have a vote on an issue that directly impacts everybody's life.

We were mislead during the last referendum, and grossly mis-sold the idea that additional funding would become available for the NHS should we choose to leave the EU. We all know how that one ended. Now we are contemplating a far worse situation where privatisation looms its ugly head. All we ask for is a chance to vote on this - let the people's voice be heard! 


The NHS is a cherished national institution and a model that is enviable across the world. Why would we choose to dismantle it?

Growing up, I came from a large, working class family. I had a disabled sister, and only because of the NHS were we able to give her the quality of life she deserved. The NHS has been a constant throughout my life: offering support and advice when needed. If the government’s privatisation plans were in effect whilst I was growing up, my parents would be crippled with debt and still making national insurance contributions.

The only future ahead of us is a two-tiered Public Health Service, where value of life is judged solely on financial status. That is no future.

Support Louie here on Facebook

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And you can join over 1500 people who have already signed and SIGN THE PETITION HERE!



Louie Rayner is a local marketing manager, who works in the city. He is passionate about saving the NHS. All views expressed here are his own and he would LOVE your suppport!




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